CALgrafix | Data Logging Software

Posted by Ian Collins, Product Manager in News on 15 April 2013

West Control Solutions is now providing CALgrafix process monitoring and configuration software with its entire range of CAL temperature and process controllers. Please contact us to order. 

CALgrafix Process Monitoring Screenshot

CALgrafix software enables you easily to set up and monitor CAL temperature and process controllers in individual machines or complex automation systems. The datalogging software is available to download from the West Control Solutions website.

CAL controllers and CALgrafix software are used in a wide variety of applications and industries including:

  • CALgrafix Data Logging Screenshotenvironmental test chambers
  • plastic injection
  • extrusion machines
  • ovens
  • autoclaves
  • furnaces
  • kilns
  • scientific research
  • complex food processing environments

CALgrafix process monitoring and controller configuration software greatly enhances the functionality of CAL’s range of temperature controllers. With powerful functions including data logging, process data archiving, chart recorder, virtual instrument display and on-screen alarms and displays, CALgrafix software brings together all the information required to optimise a production process and automation system.

CALgrafix significantly reduces installation and configuration time for multiple controllers in complex environments. Once the first controller has been configured, CALgrafix supports a unique drag’n’drop graphic profile creation for the CAL 9500P programmer to simplify set-up and save time.

The software can store recipes for different production processes, which can be activated with the click of a mouse when the production environment is being switched to a new batch.

CALgrafix also provides easy access to detailed process data via the charting and logging features, which is critical for managing complex production processes and recalling records for quality audits.

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