CAL Digital Thermostats & Defrost Thermostats

Thermostat and Defrost Thermostat Devices

The CAL family of thermostats provides a range of options for basic heating and cooling applications.

The compact thermostats are quick to install. The simple menu option makes them extremely quick and easy to set up. Users also benefit from a large, clear display which provides good visibility.

Defrost Thermostat

The EDT defrost thermostats offer additional functionality to provide more sophisticated control of refrigeration systems such as compressor protection, defrost control, a real time clock and communications.

The EDT defrost thermostats also include a special CAL-Key which is designed to save time on programming. A configuration can be uploaded to the key allowing settings to be easily cloned across multiple devices. The CAL-Key is battery operated enabling thermostat units to be configured even when not powered up.

At-A-Glance | The CAL Thermostat Range

ET2011 ET2001 ET2411 ET2412
35 x 77mm (29 x 71mm cut out)
Thermostat Thermostat Thermostat Thermostat
Input Type Thermocouple (J,K,T,S,R)
or PT100
Thermocouple (J) NTC NTC
Relay Outputs 1 1 1 2
SSR Outputs 1 0 0 0
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EDT2411 EDT2412 EDT2423
35 x 77mm (29 x 71mm cut out)
Defrost Thermostat Defrost Thermostat Defrost Thermostat
Input Type NTC x 1 NTC x 1 NTC x 2
No. of Relay Outputs 1 2 3
No. of SSR Outputs 0 0 0
Defrost Output
Fan Output
Defrost Sensor Output
CAL-Key Flash Memory Programming
Real-Time Clock Option
RS 485 Modbus Communications Option
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