CAL 9500P Offers Accurate Temperature Control From Any Computer

Posted by Ian Collins, Product Manager in News on 21 March 2013

West Control Solutions presents the CAL 9500P, a uniquely versatile and affordable programmable controller for temperature and process control applications. The CAL 9500P is compatible with CALgrafix software which enables data logging, process data archiving, chart recording, virtual instrument display and on screen alarms so you can monitor and control your equipment from any computer connected to your process network.

CAL 9500P Temperature and Process Programmer


Profiles can be created easily on both the front panel and via CALgrafix software. The step-by-step HMI structure for intuitive configuration of the controller, allowing memory to be freely allocated for programs up to 126 segments or up to 31 programs.

Set up and Configuration

CAL 9500P - Temperature control programmes and profilesCAL’s unique drag-and-drop profiling feature on CALgrafix means that a 9500P process controller set up is even quicker and simpler. CALgrafix allows configuration settings to be cloned and written to multiple controllers, reducing valuable time spent programming.

Ian Collins - Product Manager at West Control Solutions says, “When the CAL 9500P temperature controller is used in conjunction with our CALgrafix software it can greatly enhance temperature control, monitoring and recording within complex manufacturing processes and automation systems.”

It is designed to offer the optimum functionality in a 48 mm x 48mm (1/16th DIN) package so it can be used in almost any application including plastics, packaging, drying and laboratory equipment.

The CAL 9500P integrated auto tune makes PID control simple and efficient, while the unique dAC function minimises overshoot problems associated with conventional PID controllers giving you greater temperature control.

The CAL 9500P incorporates a wide range of features including:

  • 2 x 4 digit LED display with 2 output LEDs
  • easy-to-use auto-tuning
  • simple menu-driven configuration
  • IP66 protection to prevent water and dust ingress