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We offer a wide range of both mechanical and digital process and temperature controllers which can be used in a variety of applications. West Control Solutions provides control instrumentation from its four product brands; CAL, West, PMA and Partlow.

Temperature control is used to adjust and maintain the temperature of a space or object. Typically this is achieved by using closed loop control, where the temperature is monitored and the controller increases or decreases the temperature input to reach the desired temperature.

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On / Off Temperature Controllers

Our temperature and process control instruments provide a range of functionality. The basic, entry level temperature controllers provide on/off control. With this type of simple control, a setpoint is configured and the controller activates the output if the temperature goes above or below a certain point. It does not offer a middle state. These controllers are ideal for use in applications where the setpoint does not require an exact temperature. They are used in systems which are not able to support the energy being switched on and off frequently and in applications where the change of temperature is a long, slow process sometimes due to the size and mass of the system.

PID Control

We offer a choice of proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers, which use a generic closed loop control mechanism. Users benefit from higher levels of accuracy and precision as the controller calculates an error value from reaching the desired setpoint and adjusts the input accordingly to minimise the error. Our CAL range also offers a unique dAC function to minimize overshoot further.


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Ramp/Soak ProgramRamp/Soak Control

There are a number of controllers available that provide programming (profiles), sometimes referred to as ramp/soak control. This type of functionality enables the temperature to change from one set point to another other a specified period of time. The soak period (also referred to as dwell time) maintains the previous temperature set point for a predetermined time period.

This type of control is used in more advanced applications such as glass and ceramics. It is also frequently used in laboratory applications where sophisticated temperature control is essential.

Tuning of Temperature Controllers

There are various options available for the tuning with our temperature controllers:

  • Automatic Tuning (Auto-Tune) Selects optimal PID values automatically
  • Start-up Tuning Tests process when heating up
  • Tune at Set Point If process near setpoint or cannot be interrupted
  • Continuous Tuning (Self Tune) Monitors and adjusts if process moves from set point

Experts in Temperature Control

At West Control Solutions we regularly work with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and End Users from a broad range of industries where heat treatment is used. In particular we have significant experience, knowledge and understanding of temperature control applications in the following verticals; Plastics and Extrusion, Ovens and Furnaces, Packaging, Laboratory and Testing Equipment, Food and Beverage.

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