KS 816 Rail Mounted Multi-Channel Controller

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PMA KS 816 Rail Mounted Multi-Channel Temperature Controller

KS 816

This product is now obsolete. Our recommended alternative is the KSVario system or contact our Support Team who can help you choose the right alternative to migrate your current KS816 application. 

The microprocessor-controlled KS 816 controller provides precise, low-cost multi-loop control of temperature and features an interface for bus or field-bus.

The KS 816 can be used as a freely configurable field-bus transmitter with universal inputs for standard signals, thermocouples and Pt 100 signals. The instrument provides optional functionality for output hold in case of sensor break and the start-up circuit ensures increased element life and prevent interruptions during production. The self-tuning feature guarantees very short start-up times.

Standard functions such as set-point lowering and heating/cooling with four alarms make the KS 816 ideally suited for temperature control process in the following applications:


  • Plastics processing machinery
  • Heated moulds
  • Packaging machinery
  • Tempering units
  • Other similar thermal processes