1460 Single Loop Controller


The 1460 is a sophisticated, single loop controller which provides extensive profiling programming options for complex processes. The controller can create a profile with up to 121 segments, store up to 8 programs and configure and store extra programs on a PC.

The 1460 has been designed to provide immediate visibility to the operator. At a glance, the programmable displays will show you the measured variable, the set point and the parameter being edited, the number of cycles or time remaining, the recipe name and number and also whether the cycle is in a ramp or soak mode.

The 1460has a special configuration port and dedicated software which enables you to configure directly from a PC, in addition, you can programme recipes and store them by names. Any number of recipes can be stored on a PC and downloaded via the configuration port. At all times when a recipe is running, the name of the recipe will be shown in the alphanumeric display.