CALgrafix Process Monitoring Software

Data Logging Software for CAL Controllers

CALgrafix is the process monitoring and configuration software for use with CAL 3300, 9300, 9400 and 9500P controllers. The process monitoring and controller configuration software provides even greater value to CAL’s range of temperature controllers. CALgrafix offers seamless integration of all functions within one single user interface.

The monitoring software is a lower cost alternative to SCADA software and benefits from being extremely simple to set up and use, with no programming skills required.

CALgrafix Software - CALGrafix Datalogging Software with 9500P Controllers

CAL Controllers Software Set Up and Configuration

CALgrafix provides parameter set-up of the CAL range of temperature controllers; 3300, 9300, 9400 and 9500P. Up to 128 controllers can be set up.

Click and drag graphical profile set up is available for the 9500 profiling and process controller. Profiles can be set up with up to 126 segments or 31 programs. There is also the ability to Stop/Start/Hold programs in 9500P.

CALGrafix Software - Screenshot

The functionality for controller configuration provides for greater control with cloning of instrument settings as well as reducing installation time.

Features include:

  • Data logging
  • Process data archiving
  • Chart recorder
  • Virtual instrument display
  • On screen alarm and display
  • Multiple programs and profiles can be set up and saved


Temperature Control Applications

CALGrafix Software - Screenshot

  • Environmental and test chambers
  • Plastic injection and extrusion machines
  • Ovens, autoclaves, furnaces, and kilns
  • Scientific research and testing
  • Food processing equipment
  • Metal and glass annealing
  • Material curing applications



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