Whitepaper | Customized Control for Competitive Advantage

Posted by Chloë Garrett, Marketing Communications Manager in News on 05 June 2013

West Control Solutions’ latest white paper explains how OEMs can gain genuine competitive advantage by differentiating their products with customized temperature and process controls.

whitepaper: customised control

With end-users demanding ever greater levels of efficiency and capability in machine systems, OEMs are looking for ways to gain competitive advantage by delivering clear product differentiation in a world of often homogenous technology.  One way to achieve this is by component customization.

West Control Solutions’ white paper explores the opportunities to customize components to deliver true competitive advantage and increased revenues. West Control Solutions manufactures a wide range of industrial controls and has many years experience helping its OEM customers customise and improve their product offerings. The company offers a depth of expertise in component design, development, testing, production and knowledge of industry standards that not all OEMs possess in-house... Read the full whitepaper

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