What Are The Standard DIN Sizes of Panel Mounted DIN Temperature Controllers?

Posted by Chloe Garrett-Dyke in News on 05 March 2014

The DIN standard for temperature controllers originates from the German Institute for Standardization (Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V. (DIN)). It was widely adopted by manufacturers worldwide to provide standardized panel cutout dimensions for boxed mechanical and electrical products.

Panel mounted temperature controllers require a hole to be cut out of the panel in order to house the device. Therefore the standard DIN sizes enable equipment manufacturers to identify panel space required.

Using common sizing makes products attractive to the wider market as it facilitates machine builders to quickly identify which size unit they need and if necessary to easily swap between controller manufacturers when looking to replace units. It should be noted however that DIN sizing only relates to the height and width of the temperature controller and does not relate to the depth of a controller.

Panel Cutout DIN Sizes for Temperature Controllers

There are four main standard DIN sizes are:

1/32 DIN 22.5 x 45 0.874 x 1.770 *Typically horizantal
1/16 DIN 45 x 45 1.780 x 1.780  
1/8 DIN 92 x 45 3.64 x 1.780 *Typically vertical & horizontal
1/4 DIN 92 x 92 3.64 x 3.64  


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