West Control Solutions launches cost-effective new SSR range

Posted by Ian Collins, Product Manager in News on 20 August 2014

West Control Solutions has launched a new range of SSRs (solid state relays) that offer cost-effective, reliable connections to your temperature controller. The SSRs are available in a range of styles and specifications to bring enhanced efficiency to a wide range of applications.

The West Control Solutions SSRs meet the needs of users who are looking for improved longevity and performance. These users may currently be using an electromechanical relay - which has a limited operational life and therefore a less reliable option, particularly where there is frequent switching. In contrast, West Control Solutions SSRs with no mechanical parts are specified to function without accelerated wear in applications that require frequent switching.

The West Control Solutions family of SSR products offers 6 to 75A coverage. Relays are available in three styles: Hockey Puck (WP) – 25-75A; DIN rail – 10-30A, standard 22.5mm module– space saving; a 45A 45mm unit, and Slim line – 18mm thick, 6 and 12A DIN rail mounted. Transient protection resists surges to protect input and the relays can switch single phase heater loads of 24V to 600V. To further reliability, West Control Solutions SSRs are sealed to IP20, while user interaction is enhanced by LED indicators to show switching. 

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