TB 40-1 Temperature Limiter Update

Posted by Ian Collins in Product on 16 May 2012

Changes to the usage of the TB40-1

According to EN14597 (2009-1), from the 1st January 2012, the device with the known designs / code numbers, TB 40-1 can no longer be used as a temperature TB, but only used as a temperature monitor TW. 

Thus the TB can be used as a temperature limiter TB 40-1, the device code numbers have been added to version 2, see Appendix.

The detailed reasons behind this are on the TB 40-1 Limit Controller under the updates tab.

Because only you know your application in detail and the safety concept of your machine / system, only you determine the correct device model / code number from the adjoining Sales Info / code number list.

Please verify that you in your application / use in your safety concept is a temperatureor a temperature monitor must define and, if necessary, new orders for your next TB 40-1, the order code number.

If you have further questions regarding the specification change please request technical support and a member of the team will discuss how this affects your requirements in more detail. 

Thank you for your support!

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