Pro-EC44 brings unrivalled simplicity to temperature control

Posted by Chloë Garrett-Dyke, Marketing Communications Manager in Product on 04 November 2013

West Control Solutions has launched a new temperature controller that makes the set-up and operation of temperature control easier than ever before. 

Pro-EC44 is the latest new product in the Pro Series range of temperature controllers. It combines an intuitive text-based HMI with fast and simple configuration software to offer a unit that can be operated by anyone but that also provides exceptional capability.

Pro-EC44The capability of the Pro-EC44 is exemplified by the option for a dual loop facility; enabling users to control two different temperature zones by a single unit, or to simultaneously manage a second variable such as humidity and pressure. 

Another key feature is the option to use an impressive five PID sets for automatic gain scheduling, allowing the user to tune for a wide range of set points within a given application, or manually selected as part of a recipe for different production processes or materials.  The Pro-EC44 offers cascade control on applications with high thermal lag. In addition, a stoichiometric ratio control capability is supported for precise mix proportions of air and gas in a burner application.

All of these tools and more are available through clear and simple interaction via an easy-to-navigate LCD screen that changes colour if the unit enters alarm status.  Upload and download of configuration files can be conveniently achieved via front-entry USB. The configuration and simulation software, BlueControl© enables a range of convenient and efficient operations, including the option to save ‘recipes’ in order to speed up production changes.

The Pro-EC44 is ideal for multiple controller plants and will deliver the perfect temperature control solution for applications such as environmental chambers, industrial furnaces and ovens, chiller systems, laboratory and test equipment, food and beverage processing and beyond.

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