Presenting DataVU 7

Posted by Ian Collins, Product Manager, West Control Solutions in Product on 17 September 2012

West Control Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of the next product from the DataVU range of recorders.

DataVU 7 is a sophisticated, paperless recorder offering enhanced functionality together with the flexibility for seamless and efficient integration within a user’s application. The recorder is ideal for use in industrial and scientific processes including food & beverage, laboratory and heat treatment.

DataVU 7 - Presentation of DataDisplaying Recorded Data

DataVU 7 provides the ability to view recorded data in multiple ways such as graphical and numerical representations via a high clarity TFT display.

Presentation of data can be customized to a specific application by grouping related measurements on a single page, the recorder also supports creating a personalized process image, helping to visualize the information being displayed.

Three batch reports can be created simultaneously in the recorder. The batch data can be displayed on the recorder and within the Evaluation Software. A barcode reader can be used to start batches and read batch texts which is effective in eliminating input errors.

The PC evaluation software allows drilldown of data to meet a user’s requirements with the option to run reports with custom time and date ranges. Individual comments relating to process events entered on the recorder can also be viewed via the software, giving greater meaning and relevance to the data being presented.

Furthermore there is the capability to monitor and interrogate data with the Ethernet web server connection for the DataVU 7. Using this, the simultaneous display of all analog and digital I/O can be viewed on a single webpage. Users also have the option to view up to four visualizations for one or more recorders concurrently online providing a comprehensive overview of all data being recorded.

DataVU 7 - Annotate with CommentsTechnical Information

The DataVU7 modular design supports up to 18 analog inputs compatible with most sensors and capacity for up to 24 external analog inputs, 8 relay outputs and 24 digital inputs. Communications available are Ethernet, RS485, RS232 including barcode reader, Profibus DP and USB

DataVU 7 is available with zinc cast as standard or alternatively a stainless steel fascia ensuring a robust and durable recorder that is ideally suited to challenging and harsh environments.

The recorder can withstand humid or dusty conditions meeting the standard for IP65 ingress protection. The control knob has been practically designed so that a user can access recorder settings quickly even while wearing protective gloves.

For more information about DataVU 7 including the complete product specification please visit the DataVU 7 product page.  Alternatively if you would like to discuss the DataVU 7 specification in more detail please request a call back or request a demonstration.

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