Package-sealing temperature controller is configured in a minute

Posted by Chloë Garrett-Dyke, Marketing Manager in News on 12 May 2015

MAXVU offers fast, reliable temperature control on a budget

West Control Solutions, the global specialist in process and temperature control, has launched MAXVU – a compact controller that can be set up in one minute for many packaging, food and beverage and textile industry applications.

Packaging Temperature Controller, MAXVUMAXVU offers faster set-up than rival products because its start-up configuration menu only shows the most vital parameters including sensor types, units, outputs, alarms and setpoint values, removing time spent scrolling through unecessary options.

MAXVU is particularly suited for packaging tray and bag sealers, textiles applications (such as seam sealing and thermal bonding) and processes in the food and beverage sector including fryers, micro-breweries and chocolate tempering.

Ian Collins, Product Manager and Strategic Account Manager, West Controls Solutions, commented: “Overspecifying temperature controllers can cause unnecessary expense at initial purchase and, more significantly, a waste of resources in terms of set-up time and ongoing operation. By limiting the parameters that need to be set, MAXVU simplifies configuration and increases efficiency for simple temperature control requirements.”

MAXVU’s ease-of-use is supported by its large display. A unique button design on the 1/16 DIN product, with the buttons at left and right of the digits on the keypad, allows an impressive 18mm upper digit and 10.2mm lower digit height in a 48mm high device. The larger digits offer increased clarity and visibility from distance to view vital process information and alarm messages that help monitor a system is running effectively. An equally impressive 96x48mm unit is also available with 18mm digits upper and lower.

With a 67mm depth, the compactness of the device also aids installation. Users with compact machines will find that the improved access to the large rear terminals makes the MAXVU unit much easier to wire.

Additionally, MAXVU includes a side configuration port allowing users to connect to a graphic or the wizard-driven, user-friendly PC configuration software to further simplify set-up, and the configuration can be saved to programme additional units if required.

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