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Posted by Bryony Jacques in on 12 November 2019

IMG_5741At West Control Solutions (WCS), it is our mission 
to provide temperature and process control expertise, a global presence and support and constant innovation of our products and services. Our success depends on relentless efforts to continuously improve our manufacturing processes and these have positively impacted our customer’s experience in several ways, notably in improved quality and reduced lead-times, with an excellent track record of On-Time Delivery (OTD).

Processing orders from start to finish requires seamless teamwork between departments. It is important to get orders to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible, reducing the total lead time of a product. The WCS team boasts “Best in Class” lead time for many of their product lines, shipping quality products from our factory in just three working days or less. Our ability to offer these lead times helps to form an excellent relationship with distributors as they are able to carry less stock and end customers can receive orders more quickly than ever.

Moving product quickly is important in keeping our customers satisfied. However, in our industry, short lead times mean nothing without reliable products. High quality is what our temperature and process control customers have relied on since the beginning, and we focus on continuously improving further. We invest in our teams and continuously cross-train to ensure that we maintain and advance skill sets that are directly correlated to delivering high quality products.

It is obvious that on-time delivery (OTD) has to go hand in hand with short lead times and high quality. That is why we spend so much effort in improving our processes and services. At WCS, we are proud to say that our OTD to Customer Request Date (CRD) has been at or above 95% each month for over 5 years. Furthermore, our facilities can offer shorter lead time delivery of almost all product lines. This is largely credited to the quick and seamless turnaround in orders, the reduced amount of downtime for machines and the flexibility and skills of our operators, operating to a Lean philosophy manufacturing environment.

Due to our continued improvements over the years, our team has achieved a modern, world- class manufacturing facility that is fully ESD compliant. These are accomplishments that we are proud to offer and continuously strive to further improve. We have our loyal customers to thank for the ability to continue to provide such services and we look forward to building new customer relationships in the future, which is why we welcome customer visits to our facility.

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