New video - On/Off Control v. Proportional Control

Posted by Chloë Garrett-Dyke, Marketing Communications Manager in News on 06 August 2013

West Control Solutions is releasing a series of informative and explanatory videos, the first of their kind to discuss temperature control technologies. The videos will prove to be a great benefit in helping customers to specify and install the most efficient temperature control solutions.

The first video in the series features Ian Parnell, Head of Technical Support (Europe) at West Control Solutions, who explains On/Off Control and Proportional Control in detail and clearly lays out the differences between the two.

Video: On/Off Control v. Proportional Control

Video: On/Off Control v. Proportional Control

Ian discusses where the two types of controls can be used and how proportional controls can be used with devices that can only be either on or off. Ian also gets to grips with matters such as how on/off control systems can affect the level of process oscillation, and whether the user has to compromise either the life expectancy of the components or the precision of control when using this method.

As both systems have different advantages and considerations, this discussion is useful to anyone who is considering either type of control system but has not yet developed a full understanding of the factors involved and the differences between them.

No other manufacturer in the control systems industry has yet provided audiences with a video of this kind that discuss and explain how control systems work and their suitability to a viewer’s application.

Upcoming videos in the series will cover different types of temperature control alarms and consider in detail the alarm inhibitor function as well as taking an indepth look at PID control. The videos will answer key questions and concerns that surround their respective themes and provide a great resource for explaining how the technologies work with work-in-practise examples.

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