New paper reveals future of temperature control

Posted by Chloë Garrett-Dyke, Marketing Communications Manager in News on 03 December 2013

West Control Solutions has released a new technical white paper that examines the changing face of industrial temperature control technology. The paper looks at how the development of controller technology has reacted to the changing demands of users to create powerful new solutions and predicts how future developments will further boost process performance and efficiency.

Industrial temperature controllers have changed considerably over the last fifty years. The introduction of digital controllers in the 1980's, for example, represented a major step change in temperature control technology. The guesswork that had previously been involved with setting controllers was eliminated as dials were replaced by pushbuttons and digital displays.

As well as examining the historical development of temperature control technology, the new white paper outlines influencing trends of today and how temperature control might change in the future. With the development of increasingly smart technology, modern temperature controllers are highly sophisticated, automated and allow for customisation. When used effectively, temperature controllers will improve efficiency and quality for a diverse range of applications.

Download the full whitepaper: The Changing Face of Temperature Control


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