Master the art of gain scheduling with West Control Solutions

Posted by Chloë Garrett-Dyke, Marketing & Inside Sales Manager in News on 10 November 2014

West Control Solutions has released the latest in a series of useful videos focusing on gain scheduling. The global specialist in temperature control has released two new videos, with the first concentrating on the benefits of gain scheduling and why it is needed, while the second video shows the simple process of setting up gain scheduling on a temperature controller stage by stage to ensure users get maximum return.

In the first of the two latest videos, Ian Collins, Product Manager at West Control Solutions, explains why gain scheduling is an important addition to the temperature control process. He also discusses what gain scheduling is in detail and concludes by focusing on its benefits, such as improved control performance and reduced temperature fluctuation to enhance efficiency and minimise waste.

The second video features instructions on setting up gain scheduling with the Pro-EC44. This is part of West Control Solutions’ Pro Series range of temperature controllers and combines an intuitive text-based HMI with dual loop facility and cascade control. Another key feature is the option to use automatic gain scheduling from an impressive five PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) sets. The instructional video shows how the user can tune for a wide range of set points within a given application or manually select as part of a recipe for different processes or materials. The controller features an easy-to-navigate LCD screen and BlueControl© software.

Gain scheduling is a PID enhancement that allows the user to control nonlinear processes by using different parameters in different operating regions. PID Control is often used in industrial ovens and furnaces and plastic injection. The Pro-EC44 is suitable for use in these processes but also environmental chambers, chiller systems, lab and test equipment and food and beverage processes.

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