KS98-1 Process Controller Improves Inline Blending

Posted by Chloë Garrett-Dyke, Marketing Communications Manager in News on 08 August 2013

West Control Solutions has engineered an application program for its latest PMA KS 98-1 industrial process controller, which has been developed to enhance the accuracy, speed and functionality of inline blending applications. Ideal for batch mixing control of liquid, gas and solid ingredients, the PMA KS 98-1 controller offers a range of features, including:

  • Control of ratio
  • Sums
  • Selectable master setpoint
  • Monitoring of valve operation

Industrial Process Control Applications

KS 98-1 Industrial Process ControllersInline Blending is used in a number of industries - including chemical, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage - where accurate and consistent blending of multiple components is a crucial factor in product quality.

The application program inside the PMA KS 98-1 uses nine control loops, for up to five separate blending lines. Combined with a gradient feature, for set point changes, at the start and end of each stage of the blending process, this enables fluctuations in the process to be identified and rectified quickly and effectively.

Additional flexibility and configuration options mean that the PMA KS 98-1 can be adapted dependent on the user’s exact requirements. Users can also add additional display options, such as textual data pages, trend and bar graphs, allowing the engineer to expand the plant’s operational functions. All of these useful features can be easily viewed on the PMA KS 98-1 full graphic LCD screen.

“With its mix of versatility, easy configuration and exceptional precision control, the PMA KS 98-1 is proving to be an extremely valuable tool,” stated Ian Collins, product manager at West Control Solutions. “Our customers have been delighted with the results the controller has achieved within industrial processes that incorporate the inline blending processes.”

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