KS Vario updated with improved response time for even more I/O flexibility

Posted by Bryony Jacques in on 16 May 2018

The KS Vario is a multi-loop controller with high loop density, designed for various industrial and heat treatment applications. The KS Vario system can control 4 to 30 temperature zones within a compact and modular design. This system consists of control and extension modules linked to the system field bus coupler. The controller base modules currently provide options for 4, 6 or 8 loops. Major communications such as Ethernet IP, Profinet Modbus are supported by the fieldbus module.

Recently, PMA updated the KS Vario multi-loop control system to improve its response time and to deliver even more I/O flexibility. Process input scan speeds are now faster for larger systems, allowing up to 15 loops of process control with 100mS scan speed or 30 loops at 200mS. Now, the system serves an even wider range of applications.

KS vario newsThe updated KS Vario is suitable for precise, cost-effective control tasks in a wide range of industrial areas such as semiconductor manufacturing processes, plastic extrusion equipment or metal and composite heat treatment. The KS Vario has been enhanced for use in larger systems of 10 to 30 control loops at no extra cost and now offers reduced temperature overshoot and quicker response to disturbances in many applications.

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