Introducing DataVU

Posted by Chloë Garrett, Marketing Communications Manager in Product on 31 May 2012

DataVU - A New Generation in Recorders

DataVU 5 - Event ReportWest Control Solutions is excited to introduce DataVU, a new generation in recorders from the Partlow portfolio of products.

The first product to be launched from the range is DataVU 5, an affordable and user friendly entry level paperless recorder. The recorder is ideal for use in industrial and scientific processes including food & beverage, life science and heat treatment.


DataVU 5 - An affordable and user friendly entry level recorder

DataVU 5 reduces set up time by providing users with a quick and easy set up process via an intuitive on screen menu. The user can program the recorder using the 5 soft key logical menu buttons to set the recorder up in situ. This saves valuable resources as the recorder can be configured by personnel of all skill levels.

For those looking to configure the same profile on multiple recorders, set up can be carried out remotely from a PC using an Ethernet or CompactFlash card connection. This prevents duplication of work and saves time.

The DataVU 5 recorder benefits from a 5” TFT high quality, colour display. The screen supports wide viewing angles with minimal colour distortions and loss of contrast making it ideal for use in all industrial environments. Data can be presented on screen in a number of formats such as; graphical display, numerical display, historical data display and an event list.

Coming soon: DataVU 7 - An advanced recorder offering a high level of functionality

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