Environmentally Sound Choices For a Better Future

Posted by Bryony Jacques in on 12 November 2019

At West Control Solutions (WCS), we focus on providing valued temperature and process control expertize, global presence and support, a more extensive range of products and the power to innovate. Apart from our constant efforts to provide top-notch controller solutions, we also strive to minimize our environmental footprint as much as possible. Most recently, our team began work on upgrading product packaging from plastic bubble-bags to a more environmentally friendly solution. 

Each year, our facility uses approximately 1160Kg of plastic for product packaging. Plastic is very toxic and dangerous to the environment. As we aim our efforts towards a more biodegradable packaging material, one replacement option to consider is cardboard. Our initial goal is to reduce plastic packaging by less than half. However, we plan to convert all product packing to a more sustainable solution eventually. We want to do our part in dampening the contamination of Earth from toxic materials, such as plastic. Making the transition to “green” packaging is the first step in doing so.

Our team at WCS has already begun working with packaging providers to identify a suitable solution for our panel mount products. The next step is to perform trials that will help ensure the protection of our products is not compromised in the future. Following this, we plan to check with our customers for complete satisfaction with our new and improved, “green” packaging solution.

At West Control Solutions, we care about the impact that our facility makes on our customers and the Earth we share. It is important to us that we make environmentally sound choices for a better future.

Green packaging 3Green packaging 5

Before                                                                          After