GoTo Conf (GoToConf) Configuration Lost?

GoTo Conf appears when the P-series controller believes there has been a hardware change. So, when you start up the controller for the first time or if you change/add/remove a module board you will get GoTo Conf

To clear the GoTo Conf flag the user needs to cycle through every parameter within the Conf mode. If they leave the menu without viewing every parameter, then this flag is not cleared, and it will GoTo Conf on every power up. This is one of the most common causes. 

However, as this flag is related to the P-series detecting the module boards the below can cause this condition: 

  • A faulty main board.
  • A faulty/badly fitted module board.
  • Mechanically noisy environment causes a module board to move/dislodge.

EMC (electrical noise) affects the controller, especially at start/shutdown.