How can I recover lost CALGrafix Charts?

CALGrafix software can log data from one or more connected CAL controller. This data is stored to the PC and saved on a regular cycle defined by the user. If the PC was to crash, or a power failure occurred, the data since the last save can also be recovered.

The chart settings and data are stored into a trace data file *(.trc) file which contains all the settings for a chart and the data up to the point at which it was last saved.
Live chart data is stored into a trace backup file (*.trd) which contains the data recorded from the last saved file to the current time.

To recover a chart and associated data from these files, first load the trace data file *(.trc) to create the chart document and load the previous settings and then with the new chart window selected load the trace backup file (*.trd) to recover the live chart data into the chart window.