Customized Process Controller Products

West Control Solutions have a dedicated global team of temperature and process control experts to provide in-depth application knowledge for supporting customers.
As a result, our products are repeatedly used in many laboratory and industrial control applications.

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Utilising these strengths, our company offers volume equipment manufacturers, customer specific control solutions with:

  • Reduced cost by integrating functionality and lean manufacturing processes 
  • Minimized risk working with a partner with a proven track record of designing process control solutions 

West Control Solutions can support a new product design from concept to delivery and beyond, allowing machine manufacturers to focus their efforts on the core equipment design.

Defining YOUR process control product requirement using the custom platform:

  • Single or multi loop process control, alarms, limit function… 
  • I/O requirements (type, accuracy, isolation, …) 
  • Non-temperature control components (flap/motor control, fan control...) 
  • Functionality and features (sequencing, data logging, maths etc) 
  • Communication capabilities (fieldbus, smart) 
  • HMI / User Interface

Taking your requirements we can deliver an effective customised product design

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A cost efficient customized control solution at the heart of your machine

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