Introducing MAXVU Rail


MAXVU Rail are compact DIN-rail mounted devices suitable for industrial applications, the family includes;

  • PID controller for stable and efficient temperature and process control
  • Transmitter function for monitoring and data collection of process measurements
  • Limit device for machine protection

Easy to install / Fast to set up

Clear text/graphic display - latest OLED technology with high contrast and a wide viewing angle to suit most industrial environments
Short set up menu - the most common parameter settings in a single easy access menu
Software - fast configuration software via the controller’s front access port


Key Features and Benefits of MAXVU Rail

  • Text / Icon matrix display
  • Quick setup menu with main configuration parameters
  • Thermocouple, PT100 or linear DC sensor input
  • Up to 3 outputs; relay, SSR or Linear DC
  • Isolated Digital input
  • Limit alarm plus warning, high/low or deviation
  • Front panel configuration or via PC configuration software
  • RS485 Modbus RTU communications

MAXVU Applications

MAXVU Rail Applications
MAXVU Rail Limiter
MAVXVU Rail Controller/Transmitter MAVXVU Rail Limiter
DIN Rail Mounted DIN Rail Mounted
107mm x 22.5mm x 123mm
107mm x 22.5mm x 123mm
PID or ON/OFF control
Limit alarm plus warning, high/low or deviation
Visit the MAXVU Rail Product Page Visit the MAXVU Rail Limiter Product Page

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