Circular Chart Recorders, Paperless Recorders & Data Loggers

When should you use a chart recorder or data acquisition tool? 

A data recorder should be used in a process where the temperature or process profile is generated by logging over a period of time. This is often required for regulation and certification purposes and/or used for analysis and intelligence regarding an application’s efficiency. Recorders and data loggers are used in a variety of process applications, particularly heat treatment, extrusion and life sciences. 

Paperless and Chart Recorders from West Control Solutions

The range of chart recorders offered by West Control Solutions varies from basic circular chart recorders with 10",11",12" and 12.5" diameters, through to the DataVU range of paperless chart recorders which provide greater functionality for data analysis and security settings.

DataVU 5 Paperless Chart Recorder
DataVU 7 Paperless Chart Recorder
Chart Recorder | MRC5000


Chart Recorder | MRC7000
Chart Recorder | MRC8000
MRC9000 High Performance Recorder/Controller

DataVU 5

Entry-Level Paperless Chart Recorder

DataVU 7

Advanced Paperless Chart Recorder


Digital Circular Chart Recorder


Micro Based Circular Chart Recorder


Micro Based Recording Chart Controller


High Performance Chart Recorder/Controller

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